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Booking Volleyball Lessons

Booking volleyball lessons have been shown to improve an athlete’s ability to reach their full potential, minimize injuries, and increase their fitness condition. Whether the volleyball player needs help with their fundamental skills to improving their positional skills consider booking private lessons.

Benefits of volleyball lessons

Some of the benefits that volleyball players see from adding private lessons to their routine include the following:

  • Restoring the Player’s confidence
  • Preparing for school teams
  • Volleyball position improvement

Private Lessons offered at Eclipse Volleyball Club KC

In addition to providing Individual private lessons, we offer semi-private (two players and a coach) and group sessions (three players and a coach). For more details on these types of lessons, please visit our Private Volleyball Lesson page.

booking volleyball lessons - kansas city north's eclipse volleyball club kc

Cost and Length of Lessons

Eclipse Volleyball Club KC Private Volleyball Lessons Last One Hour. The cost for a One-hour lesson varies from the Eclipse Volleyball Coach offering lessons. Volleyball lessons range from $40 to $60 per hour. Parents booking a lesson through our website will see the lesson price when selecting the Coach they want for the session

Ready to book a Private Volleyball Training Session?

Please visit our Private Volleyball Lessons page to book your players’ lesson.

Questions? Please email our Club Directors Coach Diane Allen or Coach Charles Cooper for more information.