Eclipse Volleyball Club Rules & Expectations

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Hard Work and Consistent Effort – We must be a team that puts forth great effort each day in practice and at every match. Each practice builds upon the next practice. We do not believe in taking short cuts and we will strive to become the best team(s) that we are capable of being.

Teamwork – We believe in the importance of putting others first and making our teammates better. Volleyball is a total TEAM sport and we are reliant upon each other to accomplish our team goals.

Fun – While we always work hard and value the importance of being there for our teammates, this sport should be a fun experience for everyone on the team. Lifelong friendships and memories can be developed when we come to truly enjoy our time together and the efforts to reach our shared goals.

eclipse volleyball club rules - team 15-1  huddles
Eclipse Volleyball Club KC Team 15-1 huddles

Our program is a joint effort of the players, coaching staff, parents and our vendors

It takes the contributions of everyone working together to become a successful volleyball program.

There are several EXPECTATIONS that we have about the different components of our program . . .

First, of our Coaching STAFF:

  • Our coaches need to be excellent role models for our players . . . in how they represent themselves at practice, games, and in life.
  • Our coaches need to be good teachers ‑ both of the game of volleyball and in how to be good teammates on and off the court.
  • Our coaches will have good communication skills with their players and parents. It is important that they are able to convey what is important for our players to learn on and off the court ‑ along with being good listeners when others are communicating/sharing their thoughts and concerns.
  • Our coaches will be prepared every day ‑ for practices, games, etc.
  • Our coaches should respond back to parent inquiries promptly ‑ within 24 hours.
  • Our coaches should hold our players accountable for their actions and help them learn from their mistakes.
  • Through their hard work and preparation, our coaches will set high expectations for their team and the individual players on the team. As a result, they should EXPECT SUCCESS for their team.

Second, our PARENTS play a very important role in our program:

  • Our parents should provide vocal positive support for both their daughter and her teammates at every competition ‑ which are very important for all of us.
  • Our parents serve in many volunteer roles to support the teams ‑ serving as chaperones on many team functions, helping with fundraisers, serving as team parents, etc.
  • Our parents are expected to be good role models at our matches ‑ be supportive of everyone on the team and go by the old adage “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.
  • Our parents should encourage their daughters to share their concerns with their coaches and teammates and attempt to resolve their own difficulties. We should all be striving to foster a sense of independence and personal responsibility in all of our players – helping them become more self-reliant and confident young women.
  • When calling a coach to share information about their daughter or talk about a concern, parents should honor the 24 hour rule.
  • Do not approach a coach at a tournament to ask why your athlete is not playing or to voice your concerns with the coaching techniques!
  • Wait 24 hours after a match to communicate your concerns, thoughts, or comments with the coach … giving them ample time to reflect and learn from the match and be more responsive to your communication.
  • Volleyball is a sport with many rules. If you need help understanding them please let us know as we have many resources at our disposal.

Finally, our PLAYERS are the most important component of our program and we have very high expectations for them.

In order to become one of the top volleyball programs in the area, our players must be very dedicated both on and off the court:

  • Practice is not a suggestion. It’s a requirement. If you don’t participate in practice do not expect to play. This is also true for our speed and agility program. It is not a suggestion. It is required and part of being on the team.
  • Our players must display great work habits everyday ‑ must come to the gym ready to improve each day and be open to new suggestions on how they can get better as players.
  • Our players must be good teammates ‑ they should be able to make their teammates better and put the team’s goals in from of their personal aspirations.
  • Our players must work hard to earn the trust of their teammates and coaches and be loyal to each other … have each other’s back.
  • Our players should have good communication with their teammates and coaches – be able to address and work out problems that may arise.
  • When injured or ill, our players need to communicate with their coaches … so that we can get them the medical assistance needed and help them recover quickly … while our coaches are very perceptive they CANNOT READ MINDS and need your assistance to know when you are not at your best.
  • Our players should hold each other accountable ‑ the actions of one can bring down the entire team. Each player needs to expect their teammates to act in the best interest of the team and to be willing to stand up and fight for the team when necessary.
  • Through their hard work, dedication and commitment to their team, players should set high expectations on themselves and their teammates and EXPECT SUCCESS!!!

We only have a few RULES in the Eclipse Volleyball program; however, there are TWO IMPORTANT GUIDELINES that we (players and coaches) all should attempt to follow in this program:


Eclipse Volleyball RULES

  • Because practice is so important to a team’s success … a player needs to be at practice at all times but especially the day before a match/tournament in order to play in the first set of the match. However, if the coaches excused the player from practice for personal or medical treatment reasons – such as to see a physician, attend a wake/funeral ‑ they may be allowed to play in the first set.
  • ACADEMICS should be very important to everyone in this program. For many education is the foundation of success. It opens doors that can never be shut, without an education a lot of those doors will remain closed. If any of our athletes are having difficulties in school we have resources that can be of use to them. Please contact one of the directors to discuss these issues.

We have several college coaches on our staff that also tutor and can give help in the following areas:

  • Math (Algebra, Calculus, Geometry)
  • ELA
  • Spanish (Any level)
  • Paper Composition & Writing at College level
  • Healthy Living: stretching, yoga, injury prevention
  • Nutrition: Learn how to eat healthy for life.

Please download our Covid-19 Pandemic Wavier and Mask Requirement

Due to Covid-19, Eclipse Volleyball Club KC has created a Covid-19 Pandemic Wavier and Mask Requirement for Team Practices, Small Group Practices, Tryouts, and Private lessons. Please download our form for more details. This information is subjected to change without notice to the ongoing pandemic.

updated (nov_2020)

Heart of America Volleyball Code of Behavior

In addition to our volleyball club’s rules and expectations, the HOA (Heart of America Volleyball Organization) has a one page Code of Behaviors for Players, Parents, and Spectators. This information can be download from our website. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the HOA’s Code of Behavior.

For questions about our volleyball club’s rules and expectations, please contact Coach Diane or Coach Charles.