meet coach avery purtee- Eclipse volleyball Club KC coach

Coach Avery Purtee

Hi, my name is Avery Purtee. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. My volleyball career started in 4th grade at ROC where I developed a strong base of skills and knowledge for three years. In middle school I was placed on the A team as an all-around player as well as joining club Attack as an all-around player for two years. Freshman year my time was split between the C team, all-around, and JV, defensive specialist. I strongly believe the three years I spent obtaining basic knowledge and skills of the game truly put me as far as I went, I never took for granted being the only Freshman to play JV and being chosen over other players. Sophomore year I was JV Libero and DS for KC Lady Jags.

11th grade is when the game took a huge turn for me as I was placed as JV setter. I always had natural setting hands, but my power, knowledge and strong communication would often make me a better asset in the back row, although this was quite an adjustment for me and my teammates, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Junior year club season I was being recruited by multiple clubs in the KC Metro area, ultimately, I chose to set for KC Fusion. Senior year I was Varsity setter.

I believed Senior year school ball would be the end of my volleyball career until I got the opportunity to start coaching club ball with Coach Maddy, who I had played volleyball with since 8th grade. I am excited to be coaching now and seeing the next generations’ passion for the game be as strong as mine. Hard work and dedication will take you to the places you desire to be in volleyball, in school, in work and in life…and we are all going to work hard and dedicate ourselves to this team.