Eclipse Volleyball Club KC trainer - Patrick Burkett

Trainer Patrick Burkett

“Whatever your goal, let’s talk about it and crush it!”

Patrick Burkett is a seasoned personal training who has been helping clients of all ages achieve their goals over the past ten years. He started his career by training youth Judo and Jujitsu and would move on to coaching for Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning before landing at a local gym.

Patrick is experienced in leading personal training, small group classes and large group workout events (50+ people). A love of running has lead Patrick to focus on helping others reach their goals. He has participated in marathons and ultra-marathons, recently completing his first 100-mile trail race.

The time spent training to be an endurance runner has taught Patrick valuable information about nutrition, strength, conditioning, endurance and recovery. He uses this information to prepare his clients to achieve their individual goals in various types of activities.

Patrick’s ultimate goal is for his clients to lead healthy and happy lifestyles. Eclipse Volleyball Club Players will work out with Patrick on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.