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Read about North Kansas City’s Eclipse Volleyball Club KC team fees. A common and an important question we receive are “what are your club or team fees?” Fees vary based on the type of teams we are developing for the upcoming HOA (Heart of America) Volleyball Season.

Benefits provided to each team

  • All Eclipse Volleyball Club KC Teams practice 2-3 times a week. Please see each team’s practice days and times below for more details.
  • All players receive two 30-minute sessions of strength & conditioning exercises per week from certified trainers. Please check out each Team’s Fees to see if this training is included.
  • Uniform package is included in Team fees. Mizuno Sportswear supplies our custom uniform package.
  • We primarily practice at the Eclipse Volleyball Facility. It is located near Interstate I-35 and Pleasant Valley Road. The location is convenient to Parkville, Liberty, Gladstone, Kearney, and Kansas City Northland Suburbs. Some teams may practice or train at Flash Performance . If a team needs to practice at a different location, we’ll inform parents and list this information under the team’s practice days and times.
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To help parents understand what team fees are for the upcoming season. Please check out the following information on Team Fees below.

Club Volleyball Team Fees Links

Each Team’s Fees see note 2

Listed below are the following items and the total cost for each Eclipse Volleyball Club Player. If you are using a mobile device. please use the landscape mode to see each team’s fees.

Age Group12u-18u11u
Number of Players per Team:8-108-10
HOA Division Teams will Play:SelectSelect
Team Practices per week:32
Speed & Agility Training per week22
Uniform, Backpack & Accessories:1 short sleeve jersey
1 long sleeve jersey
2 spandex
1 pair of socks
1 kneepads
1 warm-up top & bottom
1 backpack
1 short sleeve jersey
1 long sleeve jersey
2 spandex
1 pair of socks
1 kneepads
1 warm-up top & bottom
1 backpack
Coaching Fees:Includedincluded
Statistic & College Recruiting ToolOnly for 15u-18uNot included
Number of Volleyball Tournaments Eclipse Teams will participate7-8 (15u-18u)
6-8 (12u-14u)
Tournament Fees included
Tournament Fees included
Total Cost for Each PlayerTBA (15u-18u)
TBA (12u-14u)

note 2If we have any team fees change, we’ll announced those changes at our mandatory parents meeting. Please check our news page and Facebook page for the meeting date. ALSO NOTE: A 6.5% CONVENIENCE FEE WILL BE APPLIED WHEN PAYING COMMITMENT DEPOSIT AND MONTHLY TEAM FEES WITH CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD.

Each Team’s Payment Schedule

Eclipse Volleyball Club KC understands that many families budget their children’s extra curricular activities. To avoid having parents pay our team fees upfront, we’ve set up a payment plan. Please see the information below. If you are using a mobile device, please view this data in landscape mode.

OUR TEAM’S PAYMENT SCHEDULE WILL RETURN IN MID JULY. If you have questions, please contact Coach Diane or Coach Charles.

Team Level:11u12u-14u15u – 18u
Commitment Deposit:see note 3$500$500$500
First Payment due by August 5th:$260$340$360
Second Payment due by Sept 5th:$260$340$360
Third Payment due by Oct 5th:$260$340$360
Fourth Payment due by Nov 5th:$260$340$360
Fifth Payment due by Dec 5th:$260$340$360

note 3 Commitment Deposit is due when parents/players have signed Eclipse Volleyball Club KC agreement to play for our team. ** See Team Fees

Eclipse Volleyball Club Team Fees Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any fundraising programs to offset team fees?

Yes, we offer 2 fundraising programs to help parents/players with team fees. Please visit our fund raising page.

Can I pay for my Player’s Team Fees and/or Commitment Deposit with a Credit or Debit Card?

In addition to accepting Check or Cash payment for team fees and/or commitment deposit, we can process Credit and Debit Cards. Please note that a 6.5% convenience fee is applied to the Credit or Debit Card Payment. Please visit our shop page to pay online.

Are Shoes included in the Team Fees?

Players need to purchase their own Volleyball Shoes. Please order your player’s volleyball shoes before we start practicing in October. At the mandatory parents meeting, we will provide websites or stores to purchase your player’s volleyball shoes.

My player plays another sport during the volleyball season. They cannot make all the tournaments. Do I need to pay full Team fees?

Team fees are not dependent on the number of tournaments or practices a player can make. Each member of the team will pay the same amount for the entire season, regardless of time commitment.

Do you have a refund policy?

When you accept an offer to participate with Eclipse Volleyball Club KC, you accept the financial obligations for the entire team fee for that season. When teams are formed, fees are used to pay for uniforms, tournament entry, court rental, and other expenses.
Refunds will not be given to athletes who choose not to play because of conflicts, injuries, team or coaching assignments, or an individual’s amount of playing time. Injuries occurring outside of Eclipse Volleyball Club KC will not be considered for a refund.
Dues are NON-REFUNDABLE for ANY reason, even in the event that your player quits, is suspended from the club during the season.

Do you have a COVID-19 refund policy?

please visit our 2020-2021 COVID-19 Volleyball Refund Policy post.

*This page was updated 6/8/22