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Sign up for Kansas City North’s Eclipse KC Club Volleyball Clinics. Whether you are new to volleyball or ready to compete, our volleyball clinics offer benefits for all players. Our volleyball clinics focus on volleyball fundamentals within a fun environment for learning. Sessions include the instruction on the basics of the indoor game.

Kansas City North’s Eclipse Volleyball Club KC offer the following Camps/Clinics during the spring, summer and fall. Summer volleyball Clinics are open to all interested players. Our Fall(Preseason) Clinics are limited to our club players. We’ll announce these clinics and camps on our website, Facebook Page, and email our club parents about these events.

Spring and Summer Volleyball Camps and Sessions

Please check our website and Facebook page for Spring Summer Volleyball clinic dates, times, fees, and age groups. Eclipse Volleyball Club KC offers the following Summer sessions:

  • Introduction to Volleyball
  • All Skills Camp
  • Volleyball Serving/Hitting clinics
  • Passing/Volleyball Setting
  • Ball Control Clinics
  • Defensive skills/Libero

Preseason Eclipse Volleyball Club KC Clinics

Preseason Clinics are included in each player’s fees. These clinics take place either October or November. Eclipse Volleyball Club KC provide our players the following sessions:

  • Volleyball Serving/Hitting clinics
  • Passing/Setting clinics
  • Defensive Volleyball skills

Private & Semi-Private Lessons available from Eclipse Volleyball Club KC

Private lessons, small groups, and team lessons are available from coaches at Eclipse Volleyball Club KC. Please use our  contact form or call either Diane Allen (816) 695-9355 or Charles Cooper (816) 855-0014 for more information.

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