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Volleyball Hitting Clinics August 2019

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Kansas City North’s Eclipse Volleyball Hitting Clinics August 3rd, 2019. We’re offering two volleyball hitting clinics for new and experience club volleyball players. Parents should pre-register online at the following link: https://forms.gle/AECGDHABkzbrhneM6

Hitting Clinic 101

Hitting clinic 101 is for players that aim to learn how to hit in volleyball. The focus will be on hitting approach, correct swinging technique and jump mechanics. Players will work on front row hitting, from outside, middle and right side positions.

101 Clinic date, time, cost, & location

Volleyball Hitting Clinic 101 Goals

  • 3 – step approach
  • Fast Arm Swing
  • Transition and right timing

Hitting Clinic 201

Our Hitting clinic 201 is for players that want to improve their hitting performance. The focus will be on a dynamic approach, quick arm swing and strategic ball placement. The session will focus specifically on improving hitting and blocking techniques through controlled repetitions and intense drills. To enroll in 201 you must have 2 – 3 years of club and active playing experience that is not recreational volleyball.

201 Clinic date, time, cost, & location

Volleyball Hitting Clinic 201 Goals

  • Dynamic Approach
  • Fast arm swing
  • Tranistion and right timing
  • Blocking

15 Players per Session Only

The clinic is capped at 15 players per session to maximize the training experience. This priority will be given to Eclipse current players first.

For questions about Eclipse Volleyball Club KC’s Hitting Clinics

Please contact our Club Volleyball Team Directors Coach Diane or Coach Charles.

Coach Charles Cooper

(816) 853-0014


Coach Diane Allen

(816) 695-9355